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NLP Master Practitioner | EntrePreneur | Personal Consultant

In the fall of 2009, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that would go on to change my life. As the years progressed, I found myself being pushed to my mental and physical limits – looking for any way out. That’s when I discovered Neurolinguistic Programming, and just how powerful I was. Through this practice, I discovered just how much power I had not only over my thoughts, but over my future too. This hard-fought knowledge to hand, I made it my mission to help others reach the real-world emotional and personal success that I was able to create.

Life is hard, and it’s not getting any easier. Each day, we are pushed to the edge of our limits and our responsibilities and expectations only seem to increase as the years go by. That’s why it’s critical that we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and realize the full scope of our potential, no matter what our ambitions are. If you want a better relationship, a new career, or just a better way of looking at life – come along. I want to help you become a better person, and I want us to do it together.

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NLP Master Practitioner | Writer | Entrepreneur | Personal Consultant |


Neurolinguistic Programming, Relationship Counseling, Career Coaching, Business Development