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Are you the cycle breaker in your family?

We are standing on the bring of a new age and we are all looking major change right in the face. At the center of this change is the American family. Long gone are the days of nuclear perfection. Now, traditions are redefined every day into new roles and customs. Cycle breakers are the sole of this transformation. The oddball of family, these are the outcasts, the poets, and the change makers. They never quite fit in and always stand out. Are you the cycle breaker in your family? Believe it or not, your pain serves a purpose.

What is a cycle breaker?

The cycle breaker is a disrupter, sent to call the shadows up and put the family pain to rest.

Cycle breakers can be rare in some families, but they are important catalysts for change. To be a cycle breaker means to stand apart from the family and forge a new path away from the trauma and the heartbreak that keeps spreading over-and-over again. According to psychotherapist Jennifer Nurick, it’s one of the hardest roles we can inhabit and not one we willingly choose. It’s a path of necessity and a path of survival. Are you the cycle breaker in your family? Have you come to usher in change and a stop to the pain? You must acknowledge yourself and embrace all that is to come.

Signs you’re the cycle breaker in your family.

Signs you’re ready to break your family cycles.

Don’t quite fit in

Have you always felt like an outcast in your own family? Did you always go against the grain? Or have a different way of seeing things that your loved ones otherwise found taboo or “off limits”. These core differences are often one of the first signs that you may be the cycle breaker in your family. If you’ve always thought differently, approached conflict differently, etc. — you might be the catalyst that’s going to bring about major change within and without.

Kick-starting healing
Looking for understanding
Disrupting the imprint
Committing to shadow work
Seeking chosen family

Putting it all together…


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