Sad man
Psychology, Self

When you take positivity too far

When you take thinking on the upside too far, it can actually result in toxic positivity — a condition that’s marked by the layers of consequences that come from relying…

Troubled worker

You need to get your feelings hurt

Are you ready to become a better version of yourself? I just published You need to get your feelings hurt on Medium. Click the link above and head over to…

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How to Decide Where to Go in Life

At some point in our journey, all of us are faced with a choice. Will we continue on the path we’re on, or will we choose to diverge and form…

Beating Weight

The Real Truth About Losing Weight

Are you setting out on a weight loss journey or getting interested in setting some new goals for yourself? While setting out to shed a couple of pounds can be…

Conflict in marriage
Relationships, Self

How to manage conflict effectively

Conflict is a fundamental part of communication, and one by which we reaffirm our boundaries, beliefs and sense of self. We grow through disagreements, but they can be uncomfortable and…