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Clearing out the emotional clutter from our lives

The hardships in this life can cause a lot of turmoil and make it difficult for us to keep up and keep track. When we’re faced with adversity, we’re also faced with a number of choices, emotions and thoughts that can cloud the way or otherwise make it hard for us to process. If we want to live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives — we have to learn how to de-clutter our emotional space and get back to the root of who we are and what we want.

Stop allowing the emotional clutter to distract you or get you off track. When you let go of the people, experiences and emotions that no longer provide you with joy, fulfillment, or support, you can rediscover that authentic core of who you are. And get back to the things that really matter now and in the future. Find your courage and find the strength to be a more present player in your life. De-clutter your headspace and your heart for a life that is lived freely and in line with your deepest and most radical truths.

It’s easy to get lost in the clutter.

It’s incredibly easy to get buried in the clutter of life, and when we do, it can completely overwhelm who we are and the things we want from our futures. The pressures of friends, family and work can add up. And when you then couple it with the additional stress and pressures of modern living, you can find yourself lost and searching for a way out.

Instead of , you have to learn how to clear out the emotional clutter from your life. When you let go of the things that no longer suit and get back in touch with the core of you who you are — you can unlock some truly radical internal transformations that equal big strength and even bigger happiness.

Let go of the extremes and get proactive about getting back to the root of who you are. Simplify your thoughts and your happiness and start detached from those things that detract from your overall quality of life. We are not put here to be burdened with the pain and insecurity of other people. Take charge of your own future and let go of your need to please.

Signs you’re dealing with emotional build-up.

Feel like you’re adrift at sea, with no direction or purpose? Struggling with negative patterns of coping and numbing that are further complicating your family and home life? These are all signs that you’re dealing with emotional clutter, but only you have the power to recognize and correct them.

Going from extremes

Take a step back and consider your moods. What’s your emotional temperature like right now? If you always feel “frazzled” or on-edge it can be a sign that your emotional or mental headspace is filled up with things that shouldn’t be there. are often the first indication that something isn’t right, as it’s a common way for our subconscious to enlighten us or otherwise raise the warning call that something isn’t right.

Losing who you are

at in your life right now? If someone asked you to describe the essential core of who you are — could you do it in 5 seconds? So many of us don’t know who we are. And for that reason, we don’t know what we want from our lives or our relationships and careers. Even the basics elude you when you’ve lost sight of who you are and what you want. You’re stumbling through the dark with no sense of direction.

It never gets better

When we actually find the courage to listen to our emotions, they tell us a lot. If you’re lost in , or feeling completely unfulfilled — it’s your emotions telling you you’re going in the wrong direction. Being miserable in your relationships, your friendships, where you live, where you work, etc. isn’t normal. It’s also not healthy to continually hold negative thoughts, attitudes, outlooks or behaviors.

Questioning to the core

Find yourself questioning everything you do? Or every decision that you make? is often a subconscious way of pointing out the flaws in lives we are building. When we question ourselves, it is often because we know that the decisions we are making are wrong; or, we feel that we are moving further away from the things that actually provide us with fulfillment.

Numbing behavior

like promiscuity, alcohol addiction, gambling and drug use can all be signs that you are running from deeper issues in your life. When we’re unhappy, we’ll do anything to mask that negative emotion. This includes numbing the pain and distracting ourselves through toxic behavior and relationships that further undermine our long-term wellbeing.

Complete disconnection

Do you feel completely disconnected from the life you’ve built or the people that you’ve filled it with? Feel like you with your spouse, or that you’re on the wrong career path? A complete disconnection from your life is often a wake-up call that you’ve been building someone else’s castle. It’s necessary in these moments to take a step back and reassess who you truly are at your core, as well as what you want from your future.

Where all the clutter comes from.

Clutter doesn’t just happen overnight. We gain emotional, spiritual and mental clutter from facing up to the stress and pressures of our friends, family and even the continued pain of our past….