How to have better sex in the age of social distancing

Relationships have become more difficult to manage in the age of social distancing, and that especially applies to our sex lives. It’s hard to maintain levels of healthy physical intimacy when you’re dealing with lockdowns and social distancing requirements. Thanks to technology, however, there have never been more ways to connect intimately with the people that we love — we just have to get a little more open and creative.

We can cultivate blossoming and burgeoning sex lives, even in the age of social distancing. By expanding our horizons, learning to value foreplay and recognizing the value of safe digital interactions, we can create truly enjoyable and deep intimate bonds with our partners…no matter the space that separates us. Stop letting the social distancing regulations of your country or city hold you and your partner back from getting what you need in the bedroom. Build better intimacy digitally and do it with compassion and knowledge.

Distance makes the urge grow stronger.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the phrase “Distance makes the heart grow fonder,” and it’s true. The further we are pulled away from the people that we love, the more we can find ourselves longing for them — and that goes double for our intimate cravings. Social distancing has a way of making us desire our partners more, and that can be a difficult thing to manage. If we want to maintain happy and healthy sex lives in this “new normal” then we have to get creative and expand our horizons.

is difficult and it takes a major toll on the intimate life you share with one another. Physical affection is an important part of any romantic relationship, and it reaffirms the way we feel about one another and our security together.

Through our sex lives we express emotions that we may not be able to express face-to-face. There’s an affection there, but also an intimacy and a vulnerability that is hard to replicate in any other part of our relationship. It can be a crucial part of the way we bond and connect, and that doesn’t change just because we’re separated due to lockdowns and quarantine restrictions. If you’ve found yourself distanced from the person you want the most, it’s up to you (as a couple) to come up with creative ways to keep that spark alive.

Why sex is such an important part of our relationships.

Sex is a critical part of more romantic partnerships, and that doesn’t stop just because of the ravages of a virus. When we’re intimate, we build trust, respect and vulnerability in a way that is deeply bonding and deeply validating. Don’t underestimate the important of sex, no matter how far away your partner might be.

Building trust

While sex is a highly entertaining activity, it also serves as a way for us to . When you’re intimate with someone you’re vulnerable, and you expose yourself in ways that are both scary and deeply binding. To share physical intimacy is to build trust and one another, and an understanding that you accept each other for who and what you are. The closer you are physically and emotionally, the more you come to trust one another.

Uncovering vulnerability

To have sex is to be at the peak of vulnerability with someone, whether you recognize it or not. puts us right into the heart of an act that requires us to expose our flesh and physical insecurities. On top of that, the act itself is one that leaves us highly exposed and vulnerable to physical threats. When you have sex with someone, you’re letting down that animalistic guard and exposing yourself for who and what you are. It’s uncovering vulnerability on the highest level.

Creating fun memories

is absolutely a recreational act when it comes to short- and long-term relationships alike. We can use physical connection to entertain ourselves, distract ourselves, or even recover from a major conflict. Getting intimate with one another allows us to create fun and mischievous memories which are unique to us as a couple, and exciting for future endeavors in the bedroom.

Showing affection

Whether you’re practicing distanced intimacy, or you’re right in the same room, sex and sexual bonding are a great way to show affection. is important to a relationship, and it allows us to reaffirm our emotional connection and the promises we make to one another. Expressing physical desire for someone can add a, “You’re special to me,” to any relationship. And make the other person feel especially valued beyond your other relationships.

The benefits of long-distance intimacy.

Like it or not — there is an incredible array of benefits to long distance intimacy. Whether you want to increase your communication or just build more gratitude and trust, learning to love on one another from a distance can be a powerful catalyst for growth and change…