How to navigate online dating the right way

We’re living in a digital age, and that means that more of our interactions than ever take place online in a virtual world. We make friends online; we do work online, and we even meet up with our friends and family online (thanks, COVID-19). So much of what we do in life exists in the digital plane, and now that includes our romantic relationships as well.

It’s possible to find true and lasting love in the age of online dating, but it’s a process that takes some know how and embracing your authenticity.Finding love — in any state — requires us to kiss a lot of frogs, but by focusing our romantic interests online we can dramatically lower that number. Creating profound love from an online relationship requires us to be brutally honest, yes, but it requires us to open up too. You can find the right person for you when you get real about what you want and where you’re going.

Can we find love in the digital realm?

If you’re under the age of 50 and have. been single for any substantial amount of time, then odds you’ve used a dating website or a dating app. The love-traps are everywhere and allow us to focus on love across all barriers and walks of life. You can find farmers to date; you can find entrepreneurs to date. The world of love is literally at your fingertips when it comes to online dating, but it’s imperative that you know how to navigate the challenge.

Finding love in the digital realm is possible, and it’s even possible to find and cultivate profound and lasting love. Like anything else in this life, however, it all comes down to perspective and the intentions that you have going into the experience.

When we are honest, upfront and authentic about who we are and what we want — we can find real and genuine connection online that has the power to transform our lives. This, however, requires us to dig deep and take a brutally realistic look at what we want from both our relationships and our future. Ask yourself probing questions. What is it that you really need from a partner in order to feel as though the relationship you are building is worthwhile? Keep those things in sight while you travel through the world of virtual dating.

Why online dating can produce lasting connections.

It’s possible to find real and lasting connections online, but it requires us to look at ourselves and our desires differently. When you jump into virtual dating, you can drastically limit the pool and make it easier to find people who fit your needs. Getting in touch with those needs is a journey on its own, however, and one that takes some courage to jump into.

Aiming high

Virtual romance allows you to look for someone who meets your needs, without feeling as though you need to settle thanks to personal or geographical limitations. In the old days, you could only choose from whatever options you had around you. With online dating, you can pick someone who checks all your boxes, or someone who is on the same path forward as you are. You’ve got more options when it comes to online dating — and that can equate to a greater ability to get what you want.

Cutting out the riff-raff

One of the greatest benefits of online dating is the ability it gives you to minimize the riff-raff. Thanks to the magic of personality quizzes and matching-software, virtual dating narrows down a range of partners based on your interests and emotional needs to provide you with the best chance of finding a match efficiently. Rather than kissing 100 frogs, you only have to kiss 50. You have greater control over who you spend your time on, and who you get to know better by cutting out the riff-raff.

Deeper connections

Virtual relationships come with a lot of benefits, and one of those is removing the initial physical component, which can be akin to removing a distraction. While physical intimacy is important to any partnership, it can also blur the deep emotional connections that are vital to new and blossoming relationships. When you spend more time getting to know one another at a distance, you can get to fall for one another on a much deeper, more personal and authentic level.

Cultivating patience

There are few skills online dating helps to bolster more than that of patience. It can take a long time to get the delicate dance of virtual dating right, just as it can take a while to get traditional dating right. When we commit to the process and make the tweaks and changes it demands, we can find ourselves uncovering a patience and a compassion that bolsters our sense of our relationships, and our ability to be a better partner…