How to stay calm in the middle of absolute chaos

Life is hard, and it seems to get more difficult by the day. There are a lot of pressures and responsibilities that come along with modern living, and with that comes the personal pressures and insecurities that we exert over ourselves. It can be hard to remain calm as the chaotic winds of life whip up around us, but it’s a critical skill to learn in order to find our true and lasting sense of happiness. When we learn how to keep ourselves cool and collected in the intense and high-pressure moments, we make it that much easier to find the silver lining in any situation.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, or what your circumstances are — it’s possible to keep yourself calm and keep yourself in the right state of mind to conquer whatever obstacle you’re faced with. Though the road might be tough now, it can be smoothed over with some perseverance, know-how and honest-to-God commitment. Of everything in this life, our reactions and behaviors are the one thing we can control. Learn how to respond more efficiently to the pressures and stress factors in your life, and you’ll discover how to find peace in any given situation.

A chaotic life is a tough one.

While some of us lead more chaotic lives than others, we all know what it means to find ourselves up against the crunch in times of intensity and high pressure. Whether you’re dealing with an on-the-go family, or a career that demands the most of you — it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or as though you’re being pulled into too many directions to be happy. Getting to the bottom of this takes cultivating some acceptance, but it also requires stepping up to the plate. And that can be a hard place to start when you’re struggling just to keep your head above water.

Life is crazy, and it doesn’t really get any simpler or less nuanced as time goes on. The only way to deal with it is to deal with it and face up to the hardships and the fun times in equal measure. That means developing the techniques that are needed to calm our worries, anxieties and insecurities along the way — so that we’re better equipped to face the hurdles that life throws in our path.

Getting control of ourselves and our emotions isn’t a hard journey, but it is a deep dig. If you want to find your inner zen, you have to spot the signs of stress in your life and then actively customize and apply the techniques that can help you calm and still your mind and your heart across a number of different planes. No matter what situation we find ourselves in, it’s possible to control our reactions and find the calm that empower us to create efficient, measured responses that boost our fulfillment and joy.

Symptoms of an over-stressed life.

There are a number of signs that things are at a breaking point, but they require some brutal honesty to tap into and accept. When we’re up against too much negativity, pressure and stress in our lives, our bodies (and our brains) begin to send us warning signs that mean, “slow down, step back and take a break”. Understanding that can be a painful process all in its own, however, and one that doesn’t simply happen overnight. If the following symptoms of an over-stressed life sound like you — it might be time to hit pause.

Impacted mental state

When we’re stuck in a rut, or find ourselves struggling against the endless demands of modern life, it can take a serious toll on our mental state and teh way we react and interact with the people around us. Losing yourself in the to-do lists, tasks from the boss, or even just care for everyone but yourself can lead to a persistent inability to experience emotions like joy and happiness (positive). Depression and anxiety, too, are common symptoms of a life being pushed to the brink, and a signal that it’s time to take a step back.

Poor sleep quality

Our brains are delicate machines, much like a computer, that have a number of tasks to process each day. When we overload it with stress or with an overwhelm of undue pressure, it can make it hard for it to shut down or complete all the tasks that it must process. This can lead to poor sleep quality, or even a disruption in sleep patterns that can (in-turn) lead to decreased energy and insomnia.

Lowered immune function

Stress isn’t something that just impacts our sleep routines or the way we think. It can also seriously disrupt our immune systems, which can lead to more illness and therefore more stress in our lives. If you’ve noticed that you suddenly suffer from the sniffles more often, or if you notice that pre-existing conditions are becoming irritated or more difficult to manage — it’s possibly a sign that your body is wearing down from the constant pressure you put it under.

Physical decline

Physical decline is one of the primary signs of being over-stressed, and iit can include a number of troubling symptoms including headaches, acne breakouts, chronic pain, digestive issues, appetite changes, rapid heartbeat, sweating and more. Though we often take them for granted, our bodies are delicate systems that must be maintained through both tangible and intangible balances. When we ignore its needs, we can find ourselves dealing with serious issues that further impede our ability and happiness in this life.

A dip in intimacy

It will probably come as no surprise that being stressed or trapped in the midst of absolute chaos can lead to a serious dip in libido. Physical intimacyis important to many of us, and it can be greatly beneficial in reaffirming the most important connections in our lives. When we’re dealing with a lot of stress, however, we tend to detach from our physical body and its needs, in a way that further isolates us mentally and emotionally. Likewise, the stress of chaotic living can lead to hormonal changes, fatigue and mental issues that further cause libido to dip and decline.

How to stay calm in the midst of chaos.

When living in the middle of chaos, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel — but it’s something that’s inevitable if not immediately apparent. Getting to that light takes work, however, and that begins with learning how to keep our calm when things get hard or don’t go our way. If you’re looking to find your zen in the midst of some truly crazy times, reach for the techniques below. Though you can’t control everything in this life, you can learn how to control your reaction to difficulty and adversity; something that starts from within…