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If you were parented this way you’re more likely to be abused

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I just published If you were parented this way you’re more likely to be abused on Medium.

“When it comes to who we are as adults, our childhoods play a major role. The pieces of our pasts are like a puzzle and they come together to construct our thought patterns, our beliefs, and the full picture of who we are. Even when we grow up, move away, and start families of our own — the lessons that our parents taught us linger, and shape us in ways which can be both good and toxic.

Like it or not, there are some styles of parenting which are corrosive and damaging to children and who they grow up to be. Even when motivated by the best of intentions, authoritarian, authoritative and even certain types of passive parenting make us more likely to end up heartbroken, misunderstood, and even abused by the people we care for most in adulthood. We have to overcome these patterns and build a life for ourselves, but that requires us to first understand the ways in which we’ve been broken…”

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