Making money comes down to changing the way you think about it

There is, perhaps, no topic more exciting or more horrifying than money. We all use money, and it forms the basis of most of our daily interactions. It touches the food we eat, the clothes we wear, even the friends and family we find ourselves surrounded with. Money impacts everything, but most of us are so horrified of it that it paralyzes us. Right into a state of perpetual brokeness.

Making money doesn’t start with some million-dollar idea, and it doesn’t (usually) start with a silver spoon or a strike of lightening or anything else like that. Unless you’re a trust-fund baby, creating wealth starts with creating the mindset you need to thrive. Only by shifting our thoughts around money can we inspire the action we need to take to get our hands on it. Money isn’t some mystical, cosmic deity; nor is it an unattainable measure of worth. It’s a means of exchange and one we can attract into our lives exponentially when we realize our own internal power and worth.

Money is one of the most important aspects of our society, and it permeates every single thing that we do. Think about it. There isn’t a single task that you do in a day that doesn’t somehow involve money. The dog you walk costs money, the clothes you wear cost money; the food you eat and the pastimes you keep cost you money. Literally everything we do costs money, but some of us still have completely negative relationships with it.

Though there are a million and one get-rich articles and schemes out there that will tell you the “secret” to making money. They’ll give you all kinds of steps and hoops and hurdles to jump through, but the only real hurdle we have to jump through is the one we create in our minds. The primary reason so many of us struggle to break out of the “brokeness” we find ourselves in is that we have a completely fearful and hateful relationship with money — and that leads to a denial of a number of opportunities.

By shift the way we think about money, we can create positive beliefs which then — in turn — inspire positive behaviors. These behaviors not only align with the vibrations we’re seeking to attract in our lives, they create new opportunities and outcomes that we might otherwise have been too angry and sad to see (hello, depression). Money isn’t the secret to happiness, but it does give you the option and opportunity to pursue the things that do bring you happiness. There’s no secret to it. If we want to attract mega-millions, we have to align our beliefs and behaviors to the activities and actions that will bring us that money.

It might sound crazy to you, but our thoughts really are the first place we start the process of making the cash we need to thrive. When our thoughts are aligned with what we truly want, we create happiness and positive energy in our lives that inspires us to make beneficial changes. Getting to that point takes getting past the multitude of hang-ups we have surrounding money, however; and that’s something that starts with understanding.

Rich people are all horrible people

We live in a strange time, where the divide between the rich and the poor seems to be getting bigger by the day. Horrendous crimes continue to be perpetrated by the rich against the poor, and that can do a lot to shape how we see money. Believing, however, that all rich people are garbage makes you then start to reject the possibility of wealth in your own life — something that is both limiting and self-defeating. Just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you’re bad. Money doesn’t change you unless you allow that to happen.

Material living is a fools game

Sure, there is much to be said against and overly-material life, but there is nothing wrong with being comfortable. Often, in our warped sense of financial gain, we see money and material goods as some kind of anti-spiritual evil. To many, to gain material wealth is to lose their soul, but that just isn’t true. Having a million dollars in the bank doesn’t mean you have to fill your closet with Gucci and start taking private jets to the dentist. It does mean you can take care of your family without stress, however, and ensures you can contribute to the people and causes that mean the most to you.

Money won’t make you happy

This is one that seemingly gets thrown quickly in the face of anyone who aspires to a life lived in a bracket above the one they now inhabit. We’ve been brought up to believe that money doesn’t make you happy, but that’s not entirely true. While money itself won’t make you happy, what it will do is give you the opportunity, time and power to pursue the things that do make you happy. Sure, you can’t eat money and it won’t keep you warm — but it will allow you to buy those things; and it will allow you pursue whatever you want, be that art or traveling or nothing at all.

You can’t (or shouldn’t) make money doing what you love

Says who? This is one of the silliest and most self-limiting beliefs we have about money, and it’s one that causes us to close the door on a number of opportunities that might have otherwise made us A) happy and B) a lot of money. When you’re really attracted to something, it’s a sign it might be something you’re good at. When you’re good at something, there’s money in it…and joy too.

The kind of money you need is out of reach

Though we’re living smack dab in the middle of a technological and social revolution, we often leave ourselves stuck in the castes of the past. One of the most common ways we shut the door on money, is by chaining ourselves to the belief we are not worthy of, or able to, make the kind of money we need to thrive. This, of course, isn’t only not true, it also causes us to stay frozen and turn down really fantastic opportunities that bring with them the level of money you believe you need to live the life you want (hint: there’s no wrong answer).

Money = stress or trouble

A lot of us carry many nonsensical and borderline insane superstitious thoughts around money and one of those is that is equates to stress or trouble. While having a lot of dough can lead to a much fuller life, it doesn’t take control or cause things to become bigger or more frantic than they are right now. Think about it. How much stress and trouble do you face on a daily basis now? Do you really think an extra $100K in the bank would make it worse? You might feel silly if you really investigate that thought (more on that below).

Wanting money makes you shallow

For some reason, many of us associate a desire for money with a certain shallowness or greed. That’s a strange one when you break it down, as money is little more than any other necessary physical good in this world. We don’t find it strange to want toilet paper or a good pair of socks or a good jacket. That’s why it’s important to see money for what it really is so you can stop distancing yourself from it at every possible turn…



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