My new book is on the way!

It’s an exciting week of announcements here at LV Development, and it starts with one of my biggest ones yet.

My new relationship-building guide – Relationship Renovator – is on its way to you!

After lots of requests, I realized it was time to share my knowledge on a far broader scale. This guide gives you a bottom-up, inside-out look at your intimate relationships and how you build them. Go all the way back to childhood and understand how your relationships with your parents (and your experiences in childhood) led to the relationship beliefs you hold today. Form new ones by digging deep and getting honest about what really matters to you.

My new guide will be available in paperback and eBook (Kindle) very, very soon. It’s packed full of great information and some expansions on your favorite LV Development content. Want to be one of the first to get your hands on a copy of Relationship Renovator? Sign up for my mailing list to get release announcements and updates.