Positivity Merch Now Available!

I am so excited to announce that my positivity merch line is now available on Redbubble. This is just a simple way to help remind you of what a powerful person you are. Each t-shirt and accessory carries one of my powerful messages, as well as an intention. I want you to live your best possible future. When you wear this shirt, you’re carrying a little piece of me with you – cheering you own!

Proceeds from these positivity tee’s will go into expanding LV Development so that I can offer more services to more people in need. I’ll also be giving a portion of the proceeds to the Fund for Reparations Now – a non-profit that makes direct financial contributions toward the NAARC.

I have 3 designs available now with more to come in the future. Want to be a part of a growing trend? Get your positivi-tee now and be a part of the LVD community. Check it out!