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The common warning signs that your relationship is heading for failure

No matter how badly we want our relationships to work, not every partnership we find ourselves in is meant for success. People change, and with them change the things they want from life and the surrounding experiences. Part of learning how to create happy and stable lives for ourselves is knowing when to cut the cord on relationships that are going nowhere fast.

Admitting that your relationship is failing isn’t easy, but it is necessary. Only when you learn to accept things for what they are, can you take the required steps forward to start your healing process. Letting go of a partnership that is going nowhere is a powerful part of learning how to build our happiness. Don’t waste your time chasing a partnership that was never meant to bloom. Accept that your relationship was always meant to fail and use that knowledge to proactively become a part of your future.

Seeing our relationships in a whole new light.

Relationships can be an important part of our journey, but they can also be a huge emotional hurdle and distraction — especially when things go wrong. A relationship on the rocks sucks up all our focus, and pulls us away from a sea of potential opportunities that might otherwise provide us security, stability and fulfillment. Clinging to relationships, for the sake of having a relationship, is a dangerous trap to fall into; and yet many of us fall into it every single day.

We have to start seeing our relationships in a whole new light. Only when we illuminate our partners and ourselves with the truth of reality, can we see the holes and realize the things we need to reach our joy.Holding on to someone who wasn’t meant for you leaves no room for the right love to come in.

The space in our lives is finite. The time we have on this planet is finite. Stop cluttering your life with things that bring you only frustration, aggravation, danger or distress. Take a step back and start looking at your partnership for what it really is. Our emotions are important and they are meant to protect us from those things in our life which would otherwise cause displeasure. Protect yourself, and start taking a stand for the future that you want. Don’t cling to something that wasn’t made for you. Accept your relationship for what it is and see your partner in a whole new light.

The hard-to-deny signs that your relationship is heading for failure.

Whether you want to admit it or not, your relationship may not be made to last forever. If your partnership is on the rocks, these are the hard-to-deny signs that it might be doomed for failure.

No care left to fight

Though we think of fighting as a negative in our relationships, it can actually help us grow together and work out our differences. While some fighting crosses the line, no fighting at all is something that both parties should be concerned a bout. When you both stop fighting, it means you’ve both stopped caring about one another and your partnership. Couples who don’t even care enough to stand up for themselves (or their relationships) are couples who are not destined for long-term greatness.

All-out disregard

Loving someone means caring for them, and that inherently comes with a responsibility to look after their feelings (within reason). Partners who disregard one another, or who act and behave without consideration for the other person, are not couples who can create a relationship with any kind of healthy longevity. Belittlement, dismissal and even demeaning behavior can all be warning signs that your relationship has come to a close.

Zero plans

Happy couples make plans together, and partners who want the same futures create blueprints of those futures that they can follow hand-in-hand. Failing to make serious plans with your partner is a sign that you aren’t considering your futures together. Relationships that stand the test of time are those in which the engaged parties are working toward the same goals. Without that focus, it’s hard to overcome the inevitable hardship that life throws our way…