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This is how you can rebuild your relationship intimacy

Intimacy is an important part of our relationships, but it can be hard to maintain when we (along with our partners) are facing the pressures and struggles of everyday life. In order for us to maintain this physical and emotional closeness, we have to make time for one another, but we also have to be compassionate, open, and vulnerable with one another.

Are you and your partner struggling to get close? Is your intimacy beginning to fail, or disappearing altogether? You can bring back that sense of togetherness, but you’re both going to have to work together and open up your minds and your hearts. Spot the signs of failing intimacy and then act fast and in unison. Be honest. Explore your limits together. And fall back in love with each other and the connection that you share.

Intimacy is an important cornerstone.

Our relationships thrive on intimacy. This bond is one which crosses both the physical and emotional plane. It’s not all sex and physical closeness.Intimacy also encompasses our emotional closeness and the vulnerability we exercise with one another. We need to be intimate with one another in order to hold our partnerships together. Without it, we falter and separate.If your goal is to come back together, you need to think about increasing your intimacy.

Failing intimacy is a frustrating experience which lends itself to a lot of resentment and misunderstandings. When one partner pulls away or shuts down, it can be hard to accept or make sense of. In order to wade our way through the murky waters of intimate distancing, we have to be honest with one another and communicate willingly and often.

The people we choose to build a life with can be an incredible support when we’re struggling to keep our heads above water. In order for them to be there for us, though, we have to open up to them. Stop running from the warning signs that are everywhere around you. Wake up and start recognizing the symptoms of a relationship that struggling to remain close.Accept where you’re at and find a way to come together in order to get your happiness (and your romance) back on track the right way.

Signs your intimacy is beginning to fail.

Failing intimacy is a relationship killer, and one we should try to avoid at all costs. Before you and your partner can get back on track, though, you need to understand the warning signs of failing connection all around you.

Crumbling communication

Communication is a cornerstone of any strong, stable, and healthy partnership. When we love one another, we talk to one another. This communication is both light and heavy; serious and carefree. Without talking to one another, we can’t stay focused and side-by-side as life challenges us and moves us forward. Communication is key at every stage of our relationship.

Zero physical connection

What is your physical connection like with your partner? Do you have a lot of fun in the bedroom? Are you in-sync, open, and willing to try new things with one another? Our sexual tastes and preferences can change as we age and experience new things. We have to be open about these changes with our partners, and open to exploring new things when their own changes arise. This isn’t to say we have to be pushed past our boundaries, though.

Inability to be vulnerable

Do you and your partner struggle to be vulnerable with one another? When something is going wrong in your life, do you share it with them or keep it to yourself? It’s important that we feel safe enough to be vulnerable with our partners. When we open up, we are being emotionally intimate with our partners. This type of intimacy helps to cement the bonds we build together and helps us to better hold empathy and understanding for one another.

Avoiding the obvious

Our partnerships undergo a lot of tests and adversity throughout the time we share them, and some of those tests are major while others are minor.When something as big as intimacy becomes an issue, we have a tendency to avoid it because it’s so uncomfortable and so hard for us to voice. These are exactly the types of problems we must deal with first, however, as they are some of the most corrosive and toxic (leading to even larger and more complicated issues later on down the road.

Loss of affection

How affectionate are you and your partner with one another? Do you perform little physical gestures that allows the other person know you’re still interested? Do you leave them little notes, or send sweet texts, that still makes it clear you want them in a very physical and a very emotional way?Affection makes all the difference when it comes to maintaining intimacy.Think of it as small reminders that reaffirm your commitment and your passion for the other person. Gestures, which cost you little to give.

Pulling and pushing away

Along with avoidance, we have an uncanny way of pulling and pushing away when we sense something (like intimacy problems) happening in our relationships. Perhaps you feel the divide and decide to push your partner away by fighting with them or engaging in repulsive behavior. Likewise, you may decide to pull away on your own — shutting down emotionally and separating from your partner in the same regard.

Endless frustrations

Have you noticed a rise in frustrations lately? Are you and your partner fighting all the time or otherwise at odds with one another? This awkwardness and increased conflict often results from corrupted intimacy that has been left unaddressed. Perhaps one (or both) of you isn’t getting what you want, so you lash out in resentment and irritation. These frustrations are powerful, but they will threaten your partnership if not confronted and put to rest.

The best ways to increase your intimacy again.

You and your loved one don’t have to accept a crumbling sense of intimacy.You can come back together and patch up the holes in your togetherness. It’s going to take work, though, and a commitment to having the tough conversations, creating some excitement again, and keeping compassion always in your sights…


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