Use 30 day challenges to conquer your goals

If you’re looking to conquer your to-do list, or you’re looking to score a major win in your life — 30 day challenges are proven strategies that can help us make major changes in our life in a short amount of time. When we use our creative facilities to put together a plan that is entirely our own, we can make huge strides in creating a future of joy and contentment. It still takes commitment, however, and still takes hard work every single day.

You can create a 30 day challenge for any aspect of your life that you want to change or adjust. You can start taking better care of your health, build your brainpower, or find soul-affirming pastimes that bring you closer to who you are. There’s no right or wrong way to go about creating a plan that works for you, it’s all about staying focused and removing the pressure and fear that usual habit-changes inspire. If you want to change something and do it fast, try a 30 day challenge to give your goals a boost. You’ve got little to lose and everything to potentially gain.

Setting goals for ourselves is all fun and games until we have to apply action to our dreams. All goals are ultimately change, and that’s hard to manage when you’re dealing with all the pressures and responsibilities that your daily life demands. Whether you’re looking to improve the way you look or improve the way you feel, it’s not always easy to tackle our goals with out the right focus and intent needed to achieve.

There are a number of challenges that make it hard to score the wins we’re looking for. Many of us dealing with mental health and anxiety issues have a number of demons that must be battled just to keep our heads above water. Likewise, those dealing with the loss of a job, homelessness or some other sort of extreme trauma become consumed with worry of what’s happening and what will come next.

Sometimes the best way to get where we want to go is to break it down. By prioritizing our goals and simplifying them, we can create short, focused plans that allow us to cultivate more efficient action and motivaton in our lives and around the things that we want. When we use a custom 30 day challenge plan, we can often create greater change in our lives than if we aimed to spread that change (or those goals) over the course of the year. In this short, centered, time-spans we allow ourselves greater focus and remove a lot of the frustrations that lead to defeat.

The human brain is complex machine, and one that is programmed to tackled complex challenges. When you learn how to tap into the power of your thoughts, you can unlock some truly transformative powers and strengths within yourself. A 30 day challenge can help you to eliminate your excuses and get down to things that matter, fast.

You don’t have time for excuses

Giving yourself a limited challenge gives you a very narrow window in which to accomplish your goals, and there’s no room in this space for excuses. 30 day challenges are excellent opportunities to get a hyper-focused approach on the things that matter, and they don’t leave us time to lag behind or follow the crowd. You’ve got a short amount of time to get things done and every second count. When you’re that zeroed in, you aren’t thinking of excuses.

Better momentum building

Because 30 day challenges exist entirely within a set period of time, they are necessarily accelerated. This acceleration makes it easier for us to build up momentum, and this momentum can be extended to other facets of our life in order to tap into our success.

Greater resilience

When we only a finite amount of time to get through something, it makes any hardship associated with the task more bearable. That’s because we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and we know that our suffering will come to a certain end. It’s easier to tackle the tough stuff when you can see the finish line ahead and know there’s relief waiting either way.

You can create a custom 30 day challenge that helps you meet the goals that matter to you. Rather than relying on the challenge of someone else with different needs, create one that is entirely your own by following these 5 steps.

Start with the results

Before you can plan your journey, you need to decide where you want to go. Start with the results you want to see, and be honest about what you can really achieve in order to meet those goals. Once you have a brutally honest idea about what you really want to accomplish, you can make a detailed and actionable plan to get there.

Brainstorm ideas

After you know what you want, the next part of creating your own 30 day challenge is brainstorming ideas that could work within your skillset or abilities. If you want to get in better shape, think about small changes you could make in order to make those dreams a reality. Maybe you take the stairs more, or maybe you start aa jogging routine. The choice is entirely yours.

Strip your environment

Before you can make a solid, step-by-step plan, you have to strip your environment of all the things that might get in the way of your success. Make it easier for yourself, and easier for your success, by throwing out the junk food or going to bed early enough to wake up for that morning run. We can add more to our lives (and our chances of success) by subtracting rather than adding to what we already have.

Make a plan

Results, ideas and newly-scrubbed environments to hand — the next step in creating a 30 day challenge comes by making an actionable plan of attack. Sit down and consider the full scope of your month and all the responsibilities that fall to you. Prioritize what you’re doing against what you want to get done, and shift things around in such a way that you can break it down into simple, easy-to-manage steps…