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We Are Officially In the Age of the Elevated Woman

She is out there, and she is everywhere. The elevated woman. Both beautiful and strong, she bends reality to her will and creates futures that no one ever imagined before. She is you. She is me. She is every woman walking down the street. An entire generation of goddesses determined to manifest a new waking “normal” — we have officially entered the age of elevated women and they will thrive.

Seeing the elevated woman.

Whether or not you realize it, you’re standing on the very precipice of ultimate elevation. We are an age that is waking up and seeing the truth like never before. Leading the charge are incredible women from every creed and background. The elevated woman is emotionally aware, she is self-defined, and (even more than that) she is a cycle breaker of the highest degree.

She’s a self-definer

Before anything else, the elevated woman is self-defined. She doesn’t need a husband, a boss, a family, or parents to decide who she is. She is perfectly capable of doing that for herself. This self-knowledge has not come without a cost, though. To know yourself means you refuse to settle for anyone and anything that can’t match your energy and your worth.

She’s emotionally aware

Emotional awareness is a key part of growing, and the elevated welcomes this awareness with open arms. This type of awareness is healing, but it is also transformative. It helps us see the emotions of others and the behavior behind those emotions too. Perhaps even bigger than this, though, is the fact that we are blessed with deeper knowledge of self once we tap into this wider emotional awareness

She sets boundaries

Think about the most aware and elevated woman that you know. What are the relationships in her life like? Does she tolerate a lot of abuse from the people closest to her? Or does she draw the line and make it clear she can stick up for herself? The answer is obvious when we finally see it. An elevated woman knows what she’s worth and doesn’t let the world devalue her. She sets boundaries and cuts out anyone who can’t respect them.

She elevates relationships

Are you someone that tries to elevate the quality of your relationships? Do you only invest in people who are worth your time? Or people that return the investment you put into them? An elevated woman seeks elevated relationships. She doesn’t pander to romantic partners that want to take advantage of her and waste her time. She doesn’t settle for low vibrational people who take more than they could ever give.

She determines her worth

It’s impossible to reach a higher plane of perspective when we’re still stuck to other’s interpretations of who we should be. It shackles us to their point-of-view, and this keeps us stuck to a ground level. An elevated woman doesn’t engage in these games. She determines what she’s worth, and she sets that value herself. While she might enjoy a relationship, she doesn’t need one. That’s not how she wants or needs to seek validation in this world.

She’s a cycle breaker

Above all else in this life, elevated women are cycle breakers. Whether they have come to this crossroads through trauma or growth, they realize the mistakes of the past and refuse to make them again. They don’t settle like their mothers did. They don’t pursue toxic men like their fathers, or superficial lifestyles dictated by society. No. The elevated woman breaks cycles and forges new paths into the future for herself.

Becoming the elevated woman.

Becoming the elevated woman is not a process that happens overnight. There’re no books, there’s no step-by-step guide. It is a transformation. It’s moving from one state to the next. To become the elevated woman, you have to fight tooth and nail for every piece of who you are. You have to envision yourself and fall in love with that vision more than you fear the displacement and the fallout.

1. Re-defining our definition of self

Now is the moment to re-define who you are. You cannot become elevated until you first recognize the stand on which you need to exalt yourself. Who are you? Chasing the definitions the world creates are meaningless. To be a truly elevated human being, we have to find the strength to define ourselves. But that only happens with commitment, self-love, and changing the way we think both about ourselves and everything else around us.

Women across the world are redefining what it means to be themselves. There’re no limits anymore. You don’t have to be born with a certain genitalia, or a certain outlook on your purpose and path. The elevated woman is beyond that. She is not archaic. She moves toward a future that suits her.

To be a woman now means to be a high-powered CEO. It means being an adventurer. An explorer. An investor. A searcher. A guru. A musician. An artist. A writer. A billionaire. Women are everything and all the things. Gone are the days when women were defined by what they could offer to the family front. Having a family bears no reflection on someone’s womanhood any longer. That’s because each of us determines what womanhood is to us, and each of us is valid in that determination.

2. Letting go of the past

Are you serious about elevating who you are as a woman and a person? Then you have to get your head out of the past and your eyes focused on the future. There are no more excuses. Ruminating has gotten you precisely where you don’t want to be. The only way to happiness is through our grief, and that means digging into our traumas and dysfunctions so we can release and absolve them. Forgive and empower yourself. The future is waiting for you to fall into it, but you have to let go first.

We elevated women are letting go of the past. This is not to say that we forget it. We certainly take the time to acknowledge it. But, once again, we are moving beyond it. We know that holding on to the past only brings us more of that same pain. So we put the past up on a shelf as a memento of a lesson well-learned.

To hold ourselves back is to wait for our past to be healed. No one will undo those hurts. No one will apologize for what was done, or bring us some sense of retribution decades later. That’s why we’re taking steps now to separate ourselves from those things. The elevated woman knows that being a prisoner to her past steals her future from her. Refusing to allow the villain to destroy her, she steps confidently forward and sheds those painful memories as she does.

3. Stepping outside of the line

You cannot elevate yourself to a higher state of being until you find your courage. It’s difficult being yourself. The people around you who are still scared and small will punish you. They will turn against you and they will do what they can to keep you down on their level. The only thing for it is standing still and strong in your truth. Then, find the power to leap outside of the lines that have been drawn all around you.

If you are stepping outside of the line and refusing to be told what to do by others — then you may be on your path to elevated womanhood. This means that you’re taking charge of your own future, and you’re accepting accountability for what you want and where you plan on going.

The elevated woman knows that she isn’t responsible for the things that happened yesterday, but she certainly knows that she controls what happens tomorrow. No matter how big the hill might be to climb, she’s prepared to climb it. Because she’s not prepared to climb someone else’s hill to reap the benefits. No. That’s not what an elevated woman does. She sets the course for her future and chases it with her all because she knows it has the power to change the world.

4. Breaking toxic cycles

Cycle-breaking comes standard on the path to elevated awareness. It’s unavoidable. The more yourself you become, the more you will see all the ill-fitting beliefs and behaviors that others are projecting on to you. “I hardly even recognize myself,” you’ll say. “Who was that person?” We know we are succeeding when we hit this moment of self-awareness. From here we are free to launch into the future we never fully dreamed of.

Elevated women are nothing if not cycle breakers. They are not interested in holding on to their mother’s burdens. They’re not interested in picking up her debts and making a new misery for themselves. Instead, they choose to forge a new path — though the going is hard, unknown, and scary.

We cut through the tangle of confusion and self-doubt to get to the truth. We come to know ourselves because we push ourselves out into the wilds of life and emotion. Through the wilds we emerge, reborn and confident in who we are and the strengths that we have. From there we are freed to break the cycles. We clear the path that we set for us and stand at the foot of an entirely new glade; a paradise we create when we commit to healing and doing things differently than our parents did.

5. Demanding systematic change

Becoming an elevated woman isn’t just about the work you do within. It very much involves the work you do without too. We are nothing if not marked by our compassion, and our power is unique in the change it allows us to bring forth. Women — all of us — are uniters. We can bring together entire communities and families. We can show them higher ways of being. And that’s exactly what the elevated woman feels called to do.

Above all else, the elevated women know that we cannot continue as we are. Being strong, they see the suffering around them and say to themselves, “This is not a livable situation.” They have been through the pain and they recognize it. Their empathy overwhelms them. From their hearts, they cry out for change.

Elevated women demand systemic change. Improving their own lives is not enough. They know the real truth: For their lives to be better, everyone else has to have a better life too. Have you reached this peak in your elevation? Have you realized the deeper calling to leave behind something better than you found it? Because the elevated woman is sure of herself and her abilities, she is confident that she can change the world…and she’s right.

Putting it all together…

Are you an elevated woman? We are standing on the brink of an age never seen before. More and more, women are waking up to their truth and their power. Refusing to go back to sleep, they are breaking cycles and re-defining what womanhood looks like from the inside out. This is a stunning moment, and one we can capitalize on. Are you an elevated woman? Get there with action, compassion, and a higher vision of self.

Re-define what it means to be you, and understand that the elevated woman is someone who would never be defined by the pale and superficial standards of the hurting people around her. She is stronger than that. She releases the past and stands firm in her truths. She knows who she is, and she doesn’t hide it. More than that, the elevated woman is a cycle-breaker. They color outside of the lines and refuse to be told what to do in order to make other people comfortable. Perhaps the greatest shift we can make, though, in becoming more elevated people is taking this last great page from the elevated woman’s playbook: To truly elevate ourselves we have to elevate others. Demand systemic change and we can all reach that final plateau as one.

Elevation begins when we address the pain in our past. Start with your childhood trauma unlock the chance of a new future.